August 5, 2009

Farm Food Donations to Local Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens

Every morning of the internship (except Wednesdays) me and mark are in charge of picking up seconds produce, the stuff that looks like you wouldn't want to eat it but is perfectly edible. Saunderskill's, Davenport's, and Gill's Farm donate the produce which we then prepare, inventory, stack onto a pallet and store at davenport's packing house. The donations are then picked up and delivered to soup kitchens and food pantries all over Ulster County by Family of Woodstock. One week me and Mark were asked to deliver some of the donations to The Queen's Galley in Kingston which was a very enlightning experience. It is amazing the work the volunteers do to meet the rising needs and amount of people who are reaching out to ask for something as simple as a meal. For anyone who has not been to volunteer at a soup kitchen I highly recommend this experience. It will open your eyes and allow you to truly see the need there is for these types of programs. Everyone should have acess to fresh nutritious foods which is why I am so in love with the donation program.

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